+ Why do I need EAT APPY ?

Some of the benefits in having your own customised mobile phone App are.

+ How long does EAT APPY take to set up?

We aim to get most people up and running within 14 days.

+ How much will it cost me?

No lock in contracts, No commissions, No risk!

With a small set up fee, a low monthly cost and no high commissions taken, you can be sure this is the right way to jump into the online/ app ordering market.

Any more questions? Contact EAT APPY today!

+ How do I receive orders through the App / website?

You will receive a tablet and printer which you will receive orders on in real time. When you hear the order, hit the acknowledge button and as a result the customer will then get notified that the order has been received. You can also send the customer notifications when the food is being prepared and when it is ready for collection or delivery.

+ Do I have to take mobile payments / online payments?

No, however, you can change your mind at any stage should you wish to start online payments

+ Do I have to offer delivery?

No, you get to choose whether you want collection, delivery or both based on what your business offers.