The "Must Have" Restaurant Mobile App Designed To Give You More Profits As You Grow!


That might sound like a bold statement to make. But, we believe we offer a unique online food ordering app that does put more money in your pocket compared to other restaurant mobile apps out there. We believe restaurants and cafes should prosper as their food orders gain momentum. As opposed to other apps, that take more commission the more you grow until you find it’s not worth it. Then you’re stuck doing a lot of hard work for very little return.

With 12% of sales from 44.1 billion food sales going to food that is ordered online, you’d be crazy not to sign up to our restaurant mobile app. It's an avenue and opportunity to increase your sales. But how do you get started with us and how does Eat Appy work?

Joining is Easy as is Changing to Our Restaurant Mobile App

If you’re new to the food ordering app side of business then you’ll be glad you took the time to look at what options are available to ramp up your sales.

With food marketing being driven more and more through online ordering apps, we believe every restaurant or cafe needs to have one. If you don’t then you’re losing business to your local opposition.

You are provided personal training to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can then focus on what you do best; your food orders. We know how important it is that you understand how this works. We recommend you get in touch and we can answer any questions or book a time with us to discover how to use our restaurant food ordering app. It’s an option you don’t want to pass up and once you speak with us, you’ll be itching to get started on the path to more orders.

Some of the benefits in having your own customised mobile phone App are.

So let’s get you started. Contact us to start a conversation so we can find out about your business.

Are You Wanting to Transition From Your Current Restaurant App?

If you already use a restaurant food ordering app for your customers, you may find you feel trapped or unsure as to how you could move from your current food app for restaurants, to our platform. Or, perhaps all your profits simply being 'chewed up' (pun intended) by using the app that is supposed to help you grow your business and your profits.

Eat Appy is the perfect platform for you when you want a flexible food ordering app that is designed for your business. We spent a lot of time coming up with our products with YOU in mind. Find out how we can help you transition from your current app to ours with the help of our friendly team. You can then go about business as usual with the benefit of knowing it will lead to greater profits as your take away business grows.

Sound like a great plan? Give us a call on 0439 156 262.