Provide a great customer experience for your guests with online room service ordering

Smart digital menus loaded onto your guests own mobile device. No app or costly tablets needed, just Scan to order. Allow your guests the option to place an order online and then deliver directly to their room.

No App Needed

Guests can use their own device to scan a QR code

Increase Profitability

Increase sales and reduce overheads


Room Service, Pool Side or at the Bar. The choice is easy.

Most systems have a huge capital outlay, complete infrastructure upgrades and staff training. Eat Appy will provide you with an affordable solution that will instantly improve the guest experience while maintaining your existing systems and procedures.

The rise of food ordering apps globally has created a new generation of guests who expect choice, customisation and instant gratification. Eat Appy will provide the technology while you focus on your guest.

Key Features

Using the online ordering hub, you have full control of your menu, pricing, images and deals.

Increase Sales

Upsells, specials and discounts get your customers to add more to their order.

Easy To Implement

No hardware change or apps to download.

Smart Menus

Add photos to your menus to help customers make a decision when ordering.

easy-to implement
Improve Operations

Eliminate time consuming phone orders and improve order accuracy.

Easy Payments

Your guests can pay via credit card per order, or pay on hotel check out.

Timed Menus

In room menus can be auto timed to display day or night time offerings.

No Tablets, No Kiosks, No Downloads, No Fuss.

The rise of food ordering apps has created a new generation of customers who expect more, they want to do it all from their own device. Eat Appy provides the technology so you can focus on your operations

tota- control

You have Total Control Of Your Configuration From Your Admin Hub.