James Nouri


Jimmy G’s - Central Coast

Jimmy G’s Central Coast

We started as a small cafe in Gosford CBD in 2012, we have since grown into a multi-branded business operating three separate brands across 6 locations around the Central Coast.

We tried Menulog with one store, however were never really too enthusiastic in promoting this. When EAT APPY offered to build us our own branded app it was much more appealing than just being listed on another food platform.

Having our own app has helped streamline our operation in-store and expand into delivering to neighbouring businesses, it has provided a great competitive advantage and our commuting customers love it too.

Our customers who use the app enjoy it, and love the convenience of having their orders saved in their favourites.

Those who are time poor really utilise the app.

The EAT APPY team are excellent, and are always available to help us or advise us on new ways to utilise the app to full potential. Partnering with EAT APPY is like an extension of our office with their ongoing support”


Krysten Hedger


Short Street Store - Dubbo NSW

Short Street Store

“I took over Short Street Store in November 2014, and in that time have worked hard at focusing on customer service and consistency to build our client base.

Having my own app specific for my business has helped me be more efficient with my customers, the convenience of the app appealed to our already existing customers, and those who started coming in were interested in learning how they too could skip the queue.

By getting orders like this we found there were less mistakes being made as we could directly see what the customer was ordering rather than trying to hear them on the phone.

By being more convenient for people we found they could easily make time to get their coffee in the morning.

Benefits from our own app? Definitely convenience, efficiency and being able to communicate directly with our customers. We can also now greet them by their name when they get their order, which lets us get to know our customers more personally.

The fact that our customers can now order via an app they gain loyalty points so they don’t have to carry around a loyalty card, they like that they can save their favourites and make their adjustments to their orders easily so its personalised for them.

John and his team at EAT APPY have been very responsive to my questions in learning how to set up and run the app, and are always very helpful when it comes time to update and teach me the new features that keep coming as the app is developed more.




Joe’s Fish & Grill - Belmont, Victoria

Joe’s Fish & Grill

EAT APPY built my own app 2 months ago and since then, we have over 300 downloads, making $1200 a week in sales!

The feedback from my customers is extremely good, everybody who is using it, are very very happy with it and what I really love about having our own app, is that I have full control over my own menu.

It’s so easy to update my menu. If my customers ask me about adding BBQ sauce to my menu, I can definitely say: YES, give me 5 mins and Bingo! it’s done. With the other Third-party provider, I can’t do it as easy and quickly as it is with EAT APPY.

I don’t have to worry about commissions with EAT APPY, I only have to pay the small weekly fee even if I do $10,000 in sales!